Questions for nurses (especially from FGCU)

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I really want to attend the nursing program at FGCU, however, sign up for the edisons ADN program is comming up. I'm scared I wont get into FGCU, so I should just apply to the ADN program. If I spend another yr doing required course work and get rejected I won't know what to do. I have a 4.0 right now and am getting a job as a tech (really excited about). I just wanted to know for any of you who have attended FGCU, did you enjoy the program and what was your GPA, work and volunteer experience (if you dont mind)? Even if you have not attened FGCU and graduated from a FL school any info would be appreciated.



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with a 4.0 i think you will definately get in- i think we are in the same boat. im prenursing, applying to bsn programs for fall 2005. i have a 4.0 too and im so nervous/stressed- i have my whole life planned around getting into nursing school- if i didnt get in i dont know what id do. i applied to UF, FAU, and FGCU. i went to FSU last year and what i heard from all the nursing students there that the cut off for FSU is about 3.7 and FGCU is supposed to be easier to get into that FSU so i dont think you have anything to worry about. also ive heard that they judge you mostly on your gpa anyway. have you applied for any other bsn programs?

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