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Questions about MSN..

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Good Morning folks,

I have been a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree for about a year. I had intended on looking into my masters about a year after graduation, which brings me to now! My ultimate goal is to become a pediatric NP. Right now I am working full time, because I need to, and I am looking into taking my MSN online part time. I'd need to do it part time for now due to work and my son. After my master's is completed I can take the post master's certificate part to get my NP (and I think that would be when I would do my clinical hours??)

As I look for colleges, I am unsure what area I need to go into. I know what I want but a lot of the programs have management, education, or informatics as a specialty. I would assume if I needed to pick any of them it would be managment?? Im a little confused on exactly what I need and where to start. Should I just try to find a generalized MSN ??

Any advice would be appreciated. Im not even in a program yet and feeling overwhelmed!!

Thanks, Jodi :nurse:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.