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questions about cgfns credentials/nclex pls help :(

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hi guys. im new here. and i really dont know if i posted this thread in the correct spot. i really really need some help regarding ces application. i recently passed the july 2010 nle in the philippines and im currently here in hawaii. im a permanent resident, green card holder and would like to take the nclex exam. but i need a credential evaluation. i downloaded the form in cgfns website and my big concern is that i need to send a validation of license to Philippine PRC, and it needs a license number. my question is:

1. what should i put in the license number box since i still dont have the license number and i am here in the hawaii. i cant go back to philippines since my student travel document will be expired this october 2010.

2. before mailing the license verification form to PRC philippines, should i attach a letter stating that i need a certificate of passing the board? since i havent registered my license there yet. and i cant go back.

3. will the prc issue me a certificate that i have passed the board exam?

please help me. its been bugging me for weeks now. i really really hope you guys can answer my questions. thank you for your time.


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I am a a bit confused. If you are a permanent resident with a green card you can travel in and out of the US with no restrictions.

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