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Question about the Teas Test......


I was wondering for those who have taken the Teas Test more than once are the questions the same as the first time they took it or does every test change. I am currently studying the science section and for each topic in the science section, I am reviewing it in-depth am I doing to much or to I just need to read it and have a better understanding on it? I have at least 5 weeks to study for the test is that to little time or should I study for at least 2 months. I feel pretty confident this time around!!!!

The questions do change every time. I haven't taken it twice, but I've had a few people tell me the questions were easier/harder the second time around for them.

Having already taken it will hopefully give you an advantage. Now you have an idea of what to expect. Five weeks sounds like an appropriate amount of time to me. Two months definitely wouldn't hurt, of course, but five weeks should be good.

Good luck with your test!