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Question about the TEAS exam... Help!! Pls

For those that have taken it how bad/not so bad is it? How should I study for the exam? What are some issues that you had while taking the exam? Basically any adivce you have on the test I'll take. My strong point is not math so I am very nervous about that section above all.


I took it just a few months ago. Don't get too stressed over it because it's not that bad at all. If you know your algebra, you should be good. Reading and punctuation is fairly easy. It's the science you have to worry about, but because there's so many subjects it's hard to study for it. However, passing rate is around 76% or so, so even if you do poorly on the science portion, as long as you do well on the others you should be fine. The TEAS practice book helps with all but science, again because science is very broad.


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