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If I have the book should I buy the online practice exams too? I also use study apps

Honey Clover

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Supposedly the online tests is formatted after the real test and will time you and situationally prepares you for the test too. Any help is great but for me, I found it to be quite expensive so I just used the official ATI book and a 5 practice test Mcgraw book. Practice tests are very useful because it can help you gauge what your weak points are. If you have the money to spend, I do suggest you buy the online test. But if you are like me and is trying to save money, you can get by with free online tests and quizzes. I didn't buy the online test and still ended up with 91.3 on my first attempt so it's doable. You just gotta be smart with how you study to improve your weaknesses.


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the online practice tesr from the ATI website does not time you the way the real exam does .. The time is unlimited it seems