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Question for SRNA and CRNA from Kaiser program


Hi. I’m looking into CSU-Fullerton Kaiser program. Logistically and financially speaking, this program is my best choice. I acknowledge how difficult it is to get an interview let alone get accepted.

Current Stat:

BSN 3.56 1.5 yrs MICU level 1 trauma 1.5 yrs CICU level 1 trauma but not CVICU CCRN-CMC-CSC Charge RN exp. Preceptor 2 Committee co-chair 2 unit projects

Pending: Shadow & Volunteer exp.

I would like to ask on how and what can I do more to strengthen my chances?


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Do you work in California?

Hey @lionsimba, I go to KPSA right now. It's a great program and you will enjoy it! Is your ICU experience at an academic medical center by chance?

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take the GRE to make your chances stronger. They love BS academia and it will hide your GPA a little bit. My suggestion is to apply to other programs as well and to volunteer. They really like CVICU and people who worked at UCLA. Maybe get a per diem job there. Best of luck.