Question on a school in columbusOH and another thing

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Anyone know anything about Felbry college in columbus. It has a 1 year program for lpns. Also thinking of columbus state which is a bit longer amost 2 years i think.

Also was diagnosed with meniers(vestibular disorder) a couple of years ago, and for the most part is under control. Any thougths on being an lpn with with meniers? I had 3 years exp as an STNA,a nd 1 year as a phlebotomist. I also realize lpn employment prospects are not the best, so dont try and talk me out of it lol.

I tried RN school at hocking 10 years ago and have regretted not being able to finsih it at the time. All i thouggh about was staying in medicine and being a nurse.

Any thought are apprecited