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Question regarding LPNs and RNs in California...

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Hi, I was curious how job market is for nurse's. Wife and I have been researching moving out to California. Having 2 scenarios right now. One is by April 2018 we'll find out of accepted or not into an RN program, no rolling admission. It's a State Associate program with little to no out of pocket expense reason I want to go the ADN route. Now if accepted we wait till Fall of 2020 to move out here and look into enrolling into an online MSN program. I like to continue work in my field of psych or corrections. Are chances high for nurse's to find employment if they have an ADN over a BSN? Does it help with them being enrolled in a BSN or MSN program?

The second option is about LPN/LVN chances of getting hired out here. Wife will have in April a year of experience as an LVN. If I am not accepted into a program we are looking to move out in the Fall of 2018. Found a few jobs in my field scattered across the State and family said they help us by letting us stay with them at their place. Look into BSN or Direct Entry MSN program while our here.

Curious how the job market is for LVNs in California?

Appreciate the feedback.

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