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Question regarding licensure process with criminal history

So..I have previously discussed my previous misdemeanor. I graduated and received my ATT yesterday. I am wondering when my court documents and everything will be reviewed? I'm freaking out I didn't include a page of this or that. Praying I pass..will they review it after that?

I'm in Illinois!

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BONs review such applicants on a case-by-case basis. And they are notorious for taking their time when it comes to applicants with a criminal history. I would contact the IL BON if you have any questions about the timeline. Also, the BON will let you know if you need anything. Until then, focus on passing that test.

The fact that they gave you an ATT is a good sign, IMO. But nothing is guaranteed until you hold that license in your hand.

Best of luck on the NCLEX and with the BON.


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