Question re: staff caring for isolation pts & "clean" pts.


I work in Med-Surg. We also have NBN and Post-partum on our unit. We have patients positive for Mycoplasma, MRSA, C-diff, RSV typically. We keep our L&D nurses and NBN nurses "clean". The other staff can go in to care for isolation patients wearing PPE. The number of staff we have is limited. That is why this decision was made. Do you as ICN, see any problems with cross contamination if staff is wearing their PPE consistently?


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If they are completing applicable appropriate hand hygeine and donning PPE appropriately for each individual patient prior to entering the room there should be no issues with cross contamination.

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We don't do cross over with adults and babies because babies are considered immunocompromised. All it takes is one not careful person to wipe out the nursery. We had respiratory therapist that would cover adult floors and take isolated patients. We had a huge break out of MRSA and RSV within weeks of each other. 1 baby died from the RSV. Why invite trouble? If your staffing is bad, take it up with your director.