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I know that this is not the place to seek medical advice but I am at a point where I dont know what to think or do. I have talked to my doctor many times about this and they cant find anything wrong. I apologize if this is gross at all but I have no where else to turn.

I had an IUD put in November of last year. Everything has been going great with it and I have no real complaints except my cycles are a little heavier.

But in between cycles, I have bleeding. Its just not spotting. One day you would think my period started again and other days there maybe be a little on the TP when I go to the restroom. The doctors have done tests and I was scheduled to have a internal ultrasound but could never have it done because my husband was let go from the navy. Right now I have no medical insurance and really cannot afford to go to the hospital. I have some issues going on at home and if you read my previous thread you will see what stress I have.

Could all this be brought on by stress? My stress level is so completely high right now my hair is falling out a little. I guess that I am just scared. I have always been afraid to get an IUD because my father's ex had one and she wound up having an eptopic pregnancy. I am afraid this IUD might hurt me in some way where I may not be able to have children again. Or am I just paranoid?



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Sometimes IUDs can cause serious pelvic infections. You need to get to a doctor, public clinic, or someplace to have this checked. While some spotting or light bleeding between periods is probably not serious, your symptoms sound worse than that. You could become anemic from losing so much blood, or you could become septic if an infection has set in. Sometimes an IUD will become imbedded in the uterine wall and cause abnormal symptoms also.

Find a county clinic or income based fee clinic that will see you if you are unable to pay for services.



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Thank you for the quick reply....I will find somewhere to get to so I can get it checked out....this is one things I would not wait on.........



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SheriChance, Planned Parenthood offers reduced-cost or free examinations. Just a thought since you mentioned that you currently don't have insurance. :) Here is the website for the CT page (based on the location you have listed).

Good luck!

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