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question about getting labs


Hi there. I work on a pediatric unit and when we put in IV's, if there is lab work ordered we draw labs at that time as well to save the child a poke.

I have a question about getting labs. Sometimes we have infants who we get labs in microtainers for (these do not have additives at the bottom and are very small quantities).

Let's say that I have to do blood cultures and a CBC on an infant. The CBC would be in a lavender microtainer.

The blood cultures container sort of "sucks in" the blood. I was told by some experienced nurses that you always do blood cultures first and by others that when there is a microtainer you get those first because the blood culture tube "sucks up" more of the blood.

what do you guys think?


Has 1 years experience.

Culture first or you risk contamination. Just hold the syringe and limit amount of blood sucked in. You probably needed about 1 cc for culture and half a cc for cbc.