Question: Finding it hard to relate to others?


Now that I'm back in school after many years out and raising a family, I'm finding it hard to relate to some of my friends and my husband. I absolutely love school, and I'm soaking up everything that I can. Since I was an at-home mom for many years, I find that I'm having trouble being interested in some of the mundane things that my longtime friends talk about. On the flip side, nobody, including my husband, is interested in most of the things that I am learning. It's so interesting to me that I just want to share it sometimes, but can't. I find that when I do, their eyes just glaze over.;) It's making me feel like a fish out of water. Has anybody else experienced this? If so, what did you do to satisfy your desire to communicate with like-minded people and still maintain your relationships? I'm feeling a bit isolated.

On a side note, I find that my children love to hear about it all and one of them likes to test me on material. She's picked up quite a bit of information this way.:redbeathe

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I am only really close to 2 girls and a guy in my class. I have other "friends" in my class, but those are the ones I talk to a lot. It took first semester towards the middle to end to really get to know each other and stuff. My husband will listen but could really care less and I just don't really care for most of the other people in my class.

Ironically out of the 3 I am closest with, only 1 has a similar life to mine, the other two have no kids, not married (although one girl has been with her B/F for 5 years so might as well be), but just are very different. We make an odd ball group but I love our little group.

Anyway, if your still new just give it some time. In the mean time use this board to talk to like minded people. People here "get it" :)


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Thanks. I appreciate the response. I do find that I relate a lot more these days to other nursing students. They are becoming the friends that I seek out. It's my longtime friends with whom I'm having trouble relating. I just find that I get bored with regular conversation since I have all of this new, exciting information in my mind all of the time. I need to figure out how to cross back and forth. Yes, this is my first year.

Thanks for the advice.


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I experience this as well... My boyfriend HATES when I talk about nursing and all the crazy/gross stories from clinical..

BUT I have amazing friends in my program that I can share all my stories and interesting things I have learned with.