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Question on endorsing an RN license to California

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Hello there!

Im a foreign nurse graduate and I applied for RN in California. Just like the others, I received my BRN letter and need to do makeover classes on MS and OB. I am currently applying schools around here for the makeover classes. However, I plan not to waste time. So while waiting, I applied to Hawaii for RN.

If Il get lucky enough to get my RN license there and if I am to endorse it to California, do you guys have any idea if California will ask for my school records again?? I am hoping not cause I already submitted before and thats why I needed to take OB anD MS too. Plus, I dont wanna request my credentials again from my country. 😩

Pls help. i dont wanna go crazy ☺️

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If you have met BON requirements by doing the courses requested and it is within 3 years you shouldn't have to resend transcripts. If after 3 years you may have to as usually the BRN destroys file if it has been inactive for 3 or more years

Thank you for replying! Yes, I am planning on completeing my courses (OB and MS) and endorsing my RN license to Cali within 3 years the BON gave me. â˜ºï¸í ½í¹Œí ¼í¿¼


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