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Question about buying an A&P book...


Can anyone tell me what the diffrence between an international version, of the same book is? They say they are the same, but are they really? You can get them cheeper, but why do they say not for sale in the US on the front? BTW I'm looking at them on ebay, that's where I'm finding all this at.


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I used an international edition text for microbiology. It was half the price of the US edition and was exactly the same content, same page numbers and everything. The only difference was the international edition was soft cover and the US edition was hard cover. I know several people who buy a lot of international editions and have never had problems with the content being different.

Mine also said 'not for sale in the US' but I think that is because of the whole thing of publishers selling international editions in other countries cheaper than they sale the US editions. If bookstores started selling the international editions they wouldn't be making the big $$$ off the US editions.

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