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Question for anybody that has taken or currently taking the ncsbn PN review:

jesska jesska (New) New

Hey has anyone taken the 3 week PN review from ncsbn or currently in the 3 week review? I am, and I was wondering for those who took the review and passed, how well did you do on the questions the ncsbn review offered? Out of 40 questions I usually average around missing 10. I am scheduling my test tomorrow, and just looking for words of encouragement! Thanks! and good luck to anyone reading this about to test. feel free to post anything r/t nclex!

People usually say favorable things about this review. Good luck on your exam. Hope you can say it was worthwhile for you too.

i took that courses too and i scheduled to take my exam on the 20th of this month. is that all you used to study? let me know how you did

Hi colokoy,

Was the NCSBN review helpful with the nclex at all? The questions are kind of hard..