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Quantity and Quality of work

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If an employer is evaluating a case manager (Insurance setting), how do they measure the quantity of work done? I am assuming say for instance if you get a caseload of 60 patients, you must do a minimum of XYZ by such and such date. So say, out of 60 patients on October 22, at least 40 must be called, care plans done, etc. I am a new CM and trying to figure out a strategy to get the most done in most efficient way but I have no idea how CM's are quantitatively evaluated. Also, what skill set helps you meet these goals? (i.e. being organized, multi tasking, etc).TIA!

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Both of mine have a specific set of things they look for when evaluating me. Neither one is the same! One is more lax, while the other is very very strict and precise down to the words used to complete reviews. Thus, you need to talk to your employer to find the answer to this question. Also, it always helps to be able to multi-task and be well organized in any field. Good luck.