Work from home, flex hours?

  1. My aunt has what seems like the perfect job. She works from home doing chart audits/reviews for a company contracted with Medicare. She has flexible hours, works on charts whenever is convenient for her. Obviously they want them completed ASAP once she gets the charts, but doesn't have set hours. She doesn't have to talk on the phone.

    I am looking for a job after having a new baby, and would love something like that where I could work while baby naps. Or if she has a fussy day I could put my time in after my husband gets home from work or after the kids go to bed for the night.

    Her company isn't hiring right now, and for some reason they want their employees close to their office, which I am not. Even though they never go into the office. The charts are all sent to her electronically. Any ideas where else I might find a job like this?
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  3. by   msteeleart
    Sounds like the perfect job. I would be interested too.