Utilization Review Anyone?

  1. I'm really interested in getting into utilization review. I currently have an opportunity that has presented itself but I need to give them an example of my work and honestly. . I'm not sure where to start and I want to really impress them. If I had a good example, I think I would take right off. . but the internet is just pathetic when it comes to examples. I started researching to see if there was a certification exam for utilization review nurses but all I can find is case management certification. (I figured a great review book for an exam would be a good reference.)

    So. . .

    Anyone here do utilization reviews? How did you get started? What can you recommend as a reference?

    Any advice you can provide, I would be extremely grateful for. . .my husband is currently out of work and I'm already working FT nights but this job (which is telecommuting) would be an IDEAL way for me to make some extra $$ to make ends meet and still be able to be home and see my kids (otherwise I'm going to have to pick up an additional PT job to make ends meet. Please, any UR nurses. . any advice you can provide. . I would be grateful for!!! TY!!!
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