1. i am working on restraint compliance and distributing information to the staff in a simple format that will allow them to easier understand the requirements.
    Any information on forms that you use at your facility or in-service programs would be helpful.enguin:
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  3. by   suebird3
    Any Psych Meds (Ativan, Haldol, etc.) require consent forms. Physical restraints such as wrist or vest restraints are NOT used. We do have Lap Buddies, though. Side rails are used for help in repositioning.
  4. by   cardiacnurse05
    Our organization is looking at this too. We have indicated the objectives we want addressed, but not sure of the best format or the best way to present this to nurses. It seems strange that such an important issue lacks resources already available to offer to organziations in the form of video's, classes, etc. Any ideas would be helpful.