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  1. Well I just heard from another facilility that they recived a Type I from JCaho on restrasints because they did not have aggregate data. What they had was number of restraints per unit. Has anyone else have this same problem and what are they really looking for???? If any one is looking at type,shift, reson could you please share some ideas on what you are collecting and how you are collating this data.

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  3. by   pdwent
    We had some problems in the past also with JCAHO - what they are looking for is data collection on number of restraints used (preferably by type of unit-i.e. med/surg vs ICU) types of restraints used, time of day restraints are started and trending of staff that initiate restraint (to see if particular staff are identified as more frequently starting restraint). If you really want to drill it down you can collect # of patients and # of restraint hours per patient and unit.