Performance/Quality Improvement Question

  1. I have a performance improvement/quality improvement question:

    Do you have a dedicated nurse, aside from the hospital's quality manager,
    that is devoted solely to integration of quality activities going on
    within the department of nursing and those quality activities that are
    linked to other disciplines?

    I would appreciate feedback from anyone regarding this question.

    Thanks in advance!

    Michele Vietz, RN, LNC
    Surgical Services Clinical Information Coordinator
    St. Alexius Medical Center, Bismarck ND
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  3. by   hamartin1515
    Hi! I am the Director of Pediatric Nursing QA/QI for our Pediatric Nursing service, as well as the Emergency Dept. QA Coordinator for all of the Providers. Two QA jobs, two very different roles. Love them both. For the ED, I respond and invesitgate all of the complaints from pts, HMOs, other departments, etc...Peds nursing I oversee all of the QA/QI activities. I have been in my roles for about 2 years and am looking to network with others. I need to speak to others who feel my pain!!