Quality Improvement In Radiology


Our hospital is pursuing Magnet Status and all areas of nursing have been required to have two Performance Improvement Plans. Does anyone have any suggestions for plans or better yet, experience with this?

We have presented several ideas to our Quality Manager but they have been shot down.

The projects need to be measurable, have national benchmarks and involve patient satisfaction. They also have to be directly controlled by nursing.

Our hospital uses the Press Ganey survey however there is nothing directly associated with radiology nursings. :nurse:


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Two quick idaes you might be able to use with some modification...

Metformin- were patients educated on stoping after contrast, documentation preformed, % that had renal function assessed before restarting. Patient satisfaction on educational process for management of medications post contrast.

Pre procedure antibiotics- given within 1 hour of case, was patient satisfied with start time of procedure, number of cases delayed due to pharmacy or nursing with preoperative abx.