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Qualifying hospital stay dates in SNF

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For billing purposes, do you use the same hospital qualifying hospital stay dates, as prior claims, even though resident has had multiple hospital visits during skilled stay? For example, resident's qualifying hospital stay dates are 9/19/16 - 9/25/16 with full 100 days. Resident discharged to hospital 10/04/16-10/10/16. When resident returns, will the qualifying hospital stay remain 9/19/16-9/25/16, since that was the first dates that established resident's Medicare A? Or will the last hospital stay dates of 10/04/16-10/10/16 become the hospital qualifying stay dates from now on until another hospital stay during her benefit period if applicable. I was always taught that you use your first qualifying hospital stay dates throughout resident's benefit period.

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70 - Qualifying three-day hospital stay dates. If the resident has more than one hospital stay, use the most current hospital stay dates. Be sure there are three days, not including the day of discharge.

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