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PVT trick and Saturday posting

jatRN2be jatRN2be (New) New

I took the NCLEX on the 9th I was wondering if anyone knows whether they post quick results on Saturday / Sunday or do I have to wait for MONDAY?!!!? Argh!!! I did the PVT trick this morning, got to one 2/3 SUBMITTED credit info meaning it should've taken me to page 3 and got the "good pop up" does this mean I passed?

when do They notify board of nursing in New York? How do I look that up? So anxious now I wished I didn't check, what if I got the good Pop up and ultimately failed? I would fall twice as hard this is my third time taking it

I took it on a Friday and quick results were available by Sunday afternoon


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I took it Saturday. Quick results were available Monday. I did not do PVT so can't comment on that.

quick results are avail 7 days a week. When you hit the 48 hour mark, you should be able to get them in a participating state.

Good luck!

I passed! :)))))) so happy!!!