PVT still works!!! 2018


Just took my NCLEX yesterday 7/18/18 at 8am. got 75 questions computer shut off. I was devasted called my mom crying hysterically. I was already making plans to retest. A nursing friend of mine told me to try the PVT. I was hesitant but I did it. I got the "good pop up" it say "our records indicate..." I really wasn't convinced until I got my official results. I kept typing my name in on the BON website and behold 24 hrs later I saw my name, license number, date and etc. basically the PVT still works!!!! It worked for me! Good luck to everyone else. If I can pass Nclex, you can too!


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Awesome! I've read a lot on the PVT trick and many of those who got the good pop up passed! I'm sure you did too Congrats :)


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Thank you!!! Yes it does work!