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PVC's vs "true" HR

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If a patient is throwing bigeminy PVC's, apical HR 31, tele monitor reads 62. Would the true heart rate be the 62 reading on the tele or the Apical 31? Since the apical rate is 31 does that mean the PVC's aren't perfusing? [P.S pt was asymptomatic in this case ]

MunoRN, RN

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That's the difference between heart rate and pulse. "Heart rate" usually refers to the number of ventricular contractions, or assumed ventricular contractions when measuring heart rate by electrical impulses to contract. "Pulse" refers to the detectable pulsation of a contraction at the point where you are measuring it. A radial pulse for instance refers to the number of detectable pulsations per minute at the radial artery, which may not be the same as the heart rate, and may not even be the same as pulses elsewhere in the body.