puzzling dx...help please.


Need help with something pretty please!

I have a patient who is a paraplegic, from T8 down. He has pain that radiates up his spine to his head and I think its referred pain from the gunshot wound on his left buttocks. I don't know how to explain that his pain starts at T8 because of his paralysis, but is caused by the gunshot wound.

My diagnosis is Acute Pain, but Im not sure how to word the r/t part... can someone help?


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I am not sure if Phantom pain is acute or chronic. Anyway…a r/t I can think of is…peripheral nerve injury or central nerve injury. I don’t know the extent of the damage, so I can’t tell you which one, but one of them is what I would use.

Acute pain r/t peripheral nerve injury AEB client experiencing phantom pain by stating radiating pain from his buttock to his head although T7 is severed.

Something along those lines…sorry it is early for me today

Good luck to you.



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Anymore cues?