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Putting in hospital time

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I am new to allnurses but am glad to have a place to come to to ask this question.

I have been working in the hospital full time for the last two years on a very busy medical unit - and have just recently been hired to start in the ED this week!

Recently I have been feeling a bit "resentful" to nursing - don't get me wrong I LOVE being a Nurse, and do not want to leave the profession however I feel I do not cope well emotionally and that my personal life suffers because of the shift work - I knew it was shift work prior to starting but I feel as though I am disconnecting from nursing because I am always missing out on things that people who work normal Monday-Friday jobs don't miss out on!

I guess my question is should I feel guilty about wanting to leave shift work already? I am only 23, and feel as though I need to "put in my time" doing under appreciated hospital shift work before I can deserve a Monday-Friday - well balanced lifestyle type of job.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the rant! Any advice would be more than appreciated ❤️

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