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Pulse & respiration

by vinona vinona (New) New

Can you please describe the characteristics of pulse and respiration of the person 51-70 years?

Not sure what you are wanting to know.

Each individual may have various pulse and

resp. characteristics. Average pulse may be 60-80. If that person is COPD, their pulse

is usually irregular - usually higher-

88-112 and have resp. of 24- 38. Others with

decreased cardiac output may have a pulse

rate 56-64 with resp. 16-18. It depends mainly on over-all medical conditions and back ground as well as medication they are

presently on. Lanoxin will help keep pulse rate fairly wnl but if you check pulse a varous times of the day- you will see a difference - either high or low.

This probably isn't much to go on, but it really depends on each individual and their medical history. :rolleyes:

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