Questions regarding tracheostomy

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping everyone in this forum can help me out. It's been a few years in caring for a tracheosotomy. We received a tracheostomy to out unit; no RT support in our facility. This person is on 28% airflow continuous via tracheostomy mask. Is there another option in delivering oxygen via tracheostomy? We don't like to keep our pts in bed all the time. So I'm not sure of an alternate way of giving him oxygen if we take him out of the room. Any advice?
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  3. by   heinz57
    Artificial nose or HME (heat moisture exchanger)

    trach artificial nose - Google Search
  4. by   middleagednurse
    There are HMEs that have an O2 port, you just attach the O2 tubing to it, and the other end to any portable O2 source.
  5. by   offlabel
    Are you asking about blending air and O2 for 28% inspired O2 out side of the room, as in on a mobile basis? You could use a venturi mask setup I guess...plug in the O2 source and turn the plastic dial on the mask to the desired fiO2 and put the mask over the trach.
  6. by   pmath_RRT
    If the pt does require 28% O2 use a Venti adaptor.