CE: An Integrative Approach: Coping with COPD

  1. one of the best articles on copd and pulmonary rehab 've come across in my internet wanderings. karen

    [color=#0000cc]an integrative approach: coping with copd

    the purpose of this course is to familiarize you with a variety of aspects of copd, using an integrative approach. nurses are important facilitators in coordinating treatments and teaching the patient in areas that range from nutrition, breathing exercises, medication usage/adherence, pathophysiology of the disease process, and alternative therapy modalities. you will also briefly learn about the four major diseases involved, including a/p, etiology, and pathogenesis. a review of abgs, v/q ratio, clinical features and treatments of copd will be discussed. the goal is to provide you with optimum, accurate information including a lengthy section of bonus information that introduces you to natural methods, home remedies, and nutrient plans to give your patient the opportunity to incorporate complementary therapies along with their medical protocol.
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    Thanks for the link to a COPD online CEU. Great info. I am always looking for stuff like that.