a pulmonary puzzler

  1. This is a real situation that I encountered, see if you can figure it out.
    A patient had empyema. He has had a chest tube in for some time. He has gone home with the tube and is now back.

    All this time the tube is open to air At home his wife flushed it with N/S and now we are flushing the cavity with N/S and all the time the patient is conversing with us and experiencing no pain.

    Why has his lungs not collasped?

    Good luck!
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    Since no one has tried to guess, or even comment I'm not sure if anyone is interested/curious about the answer.
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  4. by   KIAN
    An empyema is fluid between the lungs pleural linings. It is not located in the lung or touching the lung. Therefore you don't have to worry about a seal!
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    Please, go to general discussion forum. You will now find this same thread. With the discussion and answers. I posted there after I realized that no one was looking at it here.
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    I am!!!!!!!!!!