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Public District Nurse for a large school district, hardest job I ever had!


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I worked as a public district nurse over five schools in one district. Pay was starting teachers salary, but great hours. So much social work, limited funds, and no nurses at any of the schools just lay people hired by me due to lack of funding. I will never forget my experiences and I have great respect and reverence for school nurses. Pet peeve "band-aid" nurses makes me angry!

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Has 4 years experience.

My first year was extremeley difficult but with a great support system from my principals and Administration We figured things out. I walked into a school nurses office whose nurse quit at the christmas break the year before. thats a whole new meaning to cleaning up someone elses mess. Now I am 4 years in and love it I have 3 schools pre -k to 12 about 740 students. I think this year will be challenging for sure.

Im Just going to ask what's a band aid nurse?