SB319 Calif PHN foster care youth psychotropic medication monitoring

  1. Hello,

    I am interviewing for a California PHN job, working with foster care youth who are on psychotropic medications. The job grew out of SB319, a bill that children in foster care who are on psychotropic meds need to be monitored by a RN. I am seeking information to find out what the job is like. I spoke with the manager and I know that in this county, I would have no interaction with the children. This is a case management position and I would be interfacing with the foster parents, social workers, juvenile officers, doctors, psychiatrists to make sure the law is followed.

    I am wondering if this job will give me any transferable skills. On the surface, it sounds boring as I'll be at a desk on the phone all day. However, if I can learn something about mental health and case management, I would do it for two.

    Anyone have any thoughts? The other job I have been offered is in Communicable disease.

    Thank you all in advance.
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