Public/Community Health Nursing Programs

  1. Does anyone know where I can get information about what colleges in certain states offer a Public/Community Health Program?
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  3. by   WashYaHands
    This site may be helpful. The sidebar on the right also has links to MSN/MPH and other programs at various levels.

  4. by   oh-agnurse
    My school currently offers a Community health nurse program. Come out with a MSN and you will be a clinical nurse specialist. It was not on the previous list. Go to
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  5. by   Enright
    I am a community health nurse ....I always say I have 4 million clients...I oversee health policy for all of my states licensed drivers. I had a community health rotation in my BSN program but no formal program before I got this job.

    These jobs tend to be government and people tend to stay in them long term. Also, a bit less well paid than hospital nursing. There are some terrific advantages...I work M-R, 4 10 hour days. And all the advantages of being a state employee (pension, benefits, etc).