PHN TB prevention/management

  1. I have an interview for TB prevention and management clinic with the county. Any advice? I am a ball of nerves.
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  3. by   Everline
    My advice is to prepare. Know about the topic and be prepared to answer questions. Let your interest/passion for the topic and work show genuinely. Make sure you are able to answer common general "behavioral" questions that often get asked at interviews. Be confident. Best wishes!
  4. by   GoatRN
    Hi there, how did your interiew go? I have an interview coming up for a similar job and am wondering what type of questions I may be able to expect? Thanks so much and best wishes!
  5. by   sbroman
    It's been a week and I haven't heard back sooo I am guessing I didn't get it. When I went in they had a paper with 11 questions on it. Three were situational and the rest were personality type questions. They asked about strengths and weaknesses, why did I want to work in that department, they made a comment about patients having complex medical history. I don't have acute care experience so I don't know if they were trying to tell me something with that statement. The question that tripped me up had to do with dialysis. The panel consisted of 5 people. Took about 30 min

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