How much clinical experience do you need for MSN/MPH program?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have worked as CHHA RN and Telephonic Case Manager for MLTCs. I am interested in working with HIV population, specifically, HIV+ women. I want to work in a leadership role in a clinic or coordinating research. Eventually, i would like to teach. professor.

    My dilemma is how to obtain a position in a clinical setting with this population given my limited clinical experience. I wonder if beginning an MSN/MPH program will help me obtain a clinical position. Or should I begin applying for a position before applying to a program?

    Because I don't have clinical experience, as well, no significant experience with this population, i feel like i would be overlooked by hiring managers. Perhaps, applying while pursuing my degree (which i plan to specialize in Epidemiology) would give me foot in the door.

    Your comments are appreciated.
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