Dress codes?

  1. Twenty or so years ago, when I worked in Public Health, we had a dress code consisting of navy blue/white or light blue. Does that still hold today? I'm asking because I have an interview for a local (town) health department on Thursday and I'm just wondering...I know I will find out for sure then about this particular position.

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  3. by   cinnyluvscats
    I currently work for a local health dept. and we wear scrub tops and pants with occasional scrub jacket or white labcoat. Not sure if this is universal, though.

    When I did my clinicals 20+ years ago, that navy blue/light blue rule applied. They wore the navy in the winter and light blue in the summer, usually as pin-stripes.

    Good luck with your interview!
  4. by   KJRN79
    Thanks, Cindy! I found out that this department does not adhere to any dress code, just business casual. The manager WAS wearing a navy blue pant suit with a white blouse, so I HAD TO ASK!!!
    The interview lasted an hour and half, without talking about $$ or bennies...The manager said I would hear something back in about two weeks and expect a second interview. I guess they are not in a hurry to hire and they want the right person!