Psychiatric Specialty Descrimination in Florida

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When demand increases in L&D, ICU, PCU, etc., so does the pay and bonuses. When demand increases in Psych in Florida, units are closed due to not enough staff...the demand continues to increase, but pay does not, and our patients have fewer care options. COVID-19 has also left a mental health crisis, and the Opioid crisis, now with Fentanyl and overdose deaths outpacing car crash deaths...the demand for treatment is super high, but instead of increase in pay, more centers opening up, the opposite happens. I've read that Florida is 49th of 50 states in offering mental health care...but should be an amazing time to by a psych RN, instead we are leaving the specialty for better pay elsewhere. 


I get there are other factors besides supply and demand. Cardiology, L&D, ICU, these units make money compared to psych. 



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Wow thats ridiculous. I've been applying to psych nurse jobs in florida, but the pay is a joke. The ratios are dangerous. I don't understand. Why is this? 


Im studying to become a psych NP but Im not hopeful of finding placement for clinical in florida. 

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I have found that psychiatric nursing is held in very low esteem by many employers. You won't see sign-on or relocation bonuses for it - only for critical care or emergency medicine. I also ran into difficulty getting hired elsewhere after working psychiatry. I worked for a freestanding psychiatric facility that was closed by the parent company. I couldn't buy an interview, during a time when hospitals were running full page ads begging for help.

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I know this is a late reply but ugh I do feel this! I’ve seriously been looking to switch specialties and I’ve had many psych coworkers tell me the exact same thing. I’m still passionate about mental health, but I’m burnt out on absolutely unsafe ratios and violent patients all while getting paid half of what my medical friends do. The issue is, I just don’t know what I want to do!