What makes a good geri-psyche orientation for a GN?

  1. Hi all!

    I'm wondering what all the experienced psyche nurses feel are the "must have" components for a great orientation?

    Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to hearing to getting some wonderful input...
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  3. by   StuPer
    I have just finished writing a manual to orientate new grads to the mental health environment so I'll list a few components from that.
    1. Basic Principles of Mental Health
    2. Acute Mental Distress through the age contiuum - childhood, adult, aged care
    3. Ethics and Staff Attitudes
    4. Warning Signs of Anger and Potential Violence
    5. Skills in handling difficult situations - De-escalation techniques etc.
    6. Use of Restraint
    7. Legal issues - Mental Health Act/Law
    8. Medications in Mental Health
    9. Glossary of terms used in Mental Health

    regards StuPer