What are your best sources for job searches?

  1. I currently use Glassdoor and indeed. Any other recommendations? Thank you.
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  3. by   3peas
    Zip Recruiter I think is the best. I would also recommend having an updated free Linkedin Account. You don't have to put your entire resume on there, but here are the best tips for a free job marketing social media site that you click "open to recruiters" and they will come trust me:
    * A professional looking profile picture
    * Applicable key words in the profile sections
    * Education
    * Past Job experience
    * Connect with applicable groups (Universities, colleges, ANA, Hospital Systems, CDC, ect.)
  4. by   verene
    In addition to using aggregate sites like indeed, and glassdoor, it can be beneficial to go directly to organization websites. I keep an excel document of organizations and agencies in my field in my local area that I might be interested in working for and periodically check their job listings. Even though I am not actively looking for work now it can help me stay on top of criteria that employers are looking for so I know what certifications to aim for or skills to develop. Also, nothing beats networking, staying on good terms with professional contacts can really open doors.