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  1. Though I am not sure if this is permitted on this discussion board I am going to give it a try.
    I have been working in Psychiatry for thirteen years and I have made a decision that it is definitely time for a change.
    Too many underqualified people coming to work in Psychiatry and the bordering on insane restrictions on restraining aggressive patients.
    Nurse Managers with very little experience themselves in Psychiatry.
    The milking of medicare money by admissions of late stage dementia patients that no one on this earth is going to help.
    Infighting amongst staff and goofy politics that make it increasing difficult to focus on patient care.
    Recently after complaining for 8 months about specific safty issues I was called in to personel office for interview and they attempted to scapegoat me as the problem. Heard things like " accidents happen " and " it is not a perfect world! "
    When you hear thing like that coming from administration when a nurse with 13 years experience complains about specific issues relating to patient safty it is time to quit.
    I am attempting to get into Network Marketing and make a living at home on the Internet.
    I do not want to directly advertise here but if you are interested e-mail me at
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