Use of assistive devices (canes, crutches, etc) on psychiatric units

  1. Are Canes, crutches, etc. allowed on acute psychiatric units? If so, how do you demonstrate ADA compliance?
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  3. by   PsychRN-Kris
    They are not allowed on our unit and patients who can not ambulate are placed in wheelchairs.
  4. by   poodles
    My employer has no written policy RE: if assistive devices are allowed on the Psych units. While walkers are routinely permitted (a lot easier to see coming at you and to dodge!), sometimes our psychiatrists will say a patient can have their cane (depending on the behavior of the particular patient). If so, I ask them to write an order allowing the cane; most other nurses on my unit neglect to get the actual order, and just give the cane to the patient because the doctor said to! If someone was using crutches when they came in, they are only allowed to have them while the Physical Therapist is working with them; the rest of the time they must use a wheelchair.