Student Q for experienced PMHNP folks

  1. I hope some of you will take a minute to comment - it would be a real help! I may have a chance to switch schools between AP 1 and AP 2 (from online to local), which I'd REALLY like, but the two curriculums are not in sync and I would be missing the sections on nervous tissue, CNS, ANS, and neural integration. I've shallow-taught these topics at the high school psychology level (and have worked in private practice mental health nearly 25 years), but am still worried about whether they are essential for understanding PMHNP work (like pharmacology, for example). I would like to change schools, and I've jumped into several classes without the prerequisites and did just fine (because I do extra study to make up for my deficits), but don't want to miss something I need in-depth. So... do you remember, is that neurology AP material mostly forgotten after AP, or would it disadvantage me to have missed those neurology sections, in future PMHNP work?
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  3. by   FolksBtrippin
    I'm not a pmhnp yet, I'm a psych nurse, but since no one else has responded I will say don't worry about it. You have a long way to go before psychopharm and your background is good.
  4. by   TXLPC
    Thanks for chipping in (and for the encouragement)!