Stenberg College Psychiatric Nursing Program

  1. Hi All,

    I am thinking of taking the Stenberg College RDPN program soon. So, Just want to do current research about this college in terms of how supportive is the staff/instructors there for this program ?
    What are the job prospects after graduating from this college ? Can we get the jobs in hospitals with this diploma ??
    Also, the fees for the program is very high , they just rip you is the program worth doing ??

    Though I have also gone through the previous threads about Stenberg Psychiatric Nursing program, which is not encouraging at all and leaning me away from this program. But if someone who is a current student or recently passed out grad, can provide some input about their experience at this college in this program, that would be great. I really appreciate the valuable info shared by the kind people.
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    I had to look it up.

    This type of program is different than what is offered in the US

    I'd suggest also post in the international section (or Canada if we have one)

    Psychiatric Nursing Program Courses | Stenberg College
  4. by   Ayur94
    I have posted it in the Canada Nursing Programs section, thanks MrChicagoRN for guiding me. I am new to this group and didn't know about this section.