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  1. Stahl, the king of psychotropic medications, has two rather expensive online databases, NEIglobal and stahlonline. Both are $250.00, a reasonable price for original thought, expert advice and CEU opportunity. However, it is nearly impossible to tell if stahlonline is simply redundant stahl found in his text and handbooks, or something different and of value as a stand alone. In fact, his handbooks are redundant. Don't get the mood disorder book, for example. Content is already in THE handbook. Does anyone have any experience with either? I do NOT want to give the Stahl Empire $500.00 for redundant material. Anyone?
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  3. by   umbdude
    Stahlonline contains online versions of his texts and guides such as Essentials to Psychopharmacology and Prescriber's Guide. So if you already have his textbooks, stahlonline is redundant. I don't know much about NEIGlobal.
  4. by   Othernothing
    NEI offers CEU opportunities and a psychopharmacology "master program" that is very informative and challenging. It's worth $250. Sounds like stahlonline isn't. Thanks!