Psychiatric nurse in Alberta or British Columbia

  1. I am a Uk Registered psychiatric nurse and I plan to work in Alberta or B.C. Can anybody tell me the current job situation in there? There are a lot of good and bad news about Canada and I don't know what to believe? Can I find a job in major cities in those 2 provinces in 2 months? In UK, it seems you can find a job in UK anywhere in one month if you are a registered psychiatric nurse.
    Thank you guys
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  3. by   fergus51
    BC has it's ups and downs. We have recently gone through a horrendous round of cuts and most of the changes won't be done until August. Until then, nurses higher in seniority will be bumping those lower, so the job situation isn't that stable right now. Plus the union is not sponsoring as many foreign nurses at the moment because of this. However, if you work psych, I know Riverview (forensic hospital in Port Coquitlam) is hiring, and Kamloops is getting a new psych center built. Try calling the recruiters for the health region you want to go to (Kamloops is in the Interior Health Authority and I think Port Co. is in the Greater Vancouver Health Authority or something).