Passive Aggressive?

  1. Help! I am a home health nurse. My elderly female Pt lives with her Dtr. Dtr Takes Pt to ER Q 3 days wanting lots of help. Dr. can't find anything new to TX. Dtr cancels everything we start 1 to 2 days after we start it. Including dose and timing for meds or even deciding Pt does not need new med. I consulted the physician and told him I can't be sure if Pt is getting correct meds. Pt is bathed and well fed, does not appear abused. MSW is aware also. Please advise on how to deal with these types of family members. This Dtr is really good at making you scratch your head.

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  3. by   jkh
    I am wondering whose idea is it to go to the ER? Does the client demand it, or does the daughter make her go? Have you considered a depression screening? Sometimes multiple somatic complaints can be a sign of depression. Can she be checked into an inpatient unit for evaluation? Educate them both on depression and limit visitation hopefully can stay long enough for meds to become effective.
  4. by   nurse T
    Thank you for the quick response. Pt has new DX depression. New med also. Dtr states Pt wants to go to ER. Teaching completed on DX and meds. Dtr states she understands, only time will tell if Pt actually takes meds.